I Became The Kindergarten Friend Of The Main Shou Cover

I Became The Kindergarten Friend Of The Main Shou



[How to refuse a friend request]

The Title is the Content [1]

I don’t like them, but I keep pretending to be friendly. How do I drop them? I’ll send you 100 qi [2] .

↳ If you don’t like them that much, just execute it publicly in front of the other kids. There’s no way to say it politely so just say it outright.

↳↳ How can you be so cruel? I’m reporting.


“Damn it!”

Why do I keep getting stupid answers?




The reincarnated world turned out to be a BL novel. No wonder I couldn’t see SamX, AppX, and BX coins…. The dream of being a wealthy, stock-rich man lingered in my eyes. I should study hard and gain the title ‘gifted person.’


Whoo! I’m sure I’ll be a landlord in this life!


“Yoo-ah don’t like me, do you?”


However, the main character of the original keeps pretending to be friendly.


Of course, the main shou was feeling left out in the kindergarten because of his exotic appearance. I couldn’t witness it, so I took care of it from behind a few times!


Let’s ignore it. I didn’t want to get involved.


The main character doesn’t cry, even if he’s lonely or sad. That three-legged [3] wild bean has to eat alone, play house alone, and endure other children’s murmuring until he meets the main gong,


“Uwaaaa…..mommy……The kids don’t li, like meee… They don’t ea, eat with me……! And and they don’t even playhouse….with me……..Uwaaaaa!”


“…would you like to go to the playground with me?”


…But let’s play until we graduate from kindergarten.


How close can little kids who haven’t even entered elementary school get to know each other?


Because he had no friends in his previous life, he felt complacent. That was Bae Yoo-ah’s karma.


  • 1. ㅈㄱㄴ is the slang for ‘The Title is the Content’.
  • 2. Qi here is actually 내공 which is sort of like the korean version of it. It can be translated into inner strength/qi/chakra.
  • 3. Three-legged 삼등신 means the body is three times the length of the face.