Tell Me That You Like It Cover

Tell Me That You Like It



“I’m late because I had to buy condoms.”


Anna flinched at his unexpected words.


“I have two.”


“I don’t think that would be enough.”


“How many times are you going to…”


He cupped Anna’s face in his hands and kissed her as she muttered in surprise.


The scent of wine came from Lucino’s lips as he devoured Anna.


“Hold out your palm.”


She held out her hands in front of him with a puzzled look on her face.


Then Lucino took out countless condoms from his pocket. He dropped it in Anna’s hand. Some of the condoms piled up and fell to the floor.


“Take it and wait on the bed.”


“Isn’t this too much?” Anna was left speechless as Lucino undressed her at a rapid pace.


He was standing naked under the light with his penis erect.


“I’ll treat you as impurely as you want, Bella.”






The name Anna had no meaning.


So was Anna’s presence in her family.


Only after she was alone did she embark on her long-awaited journey.


From the beginning of her journey, an unpleasant incident occurred.


When she was about to give up on everything, the man she had met for the first time held out his hand. She knew very well that she shouldn’t take the hand he held out so recklessly.


If it was that guy, somehow she thought it would be okay if it was this guy.


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