For the Sake of Lying Cover

For the Sake of Lying



“I dedicate this award to my best friend, Kang Hyun.”

Yoon Do-young’s acting awards filled the cramped room as they played on TV.

Kang Hyun should have been happy for her crush, Yoon Do-young, receiving the award. However, I couldn’t find it in me to smile. The role that earned him the prize was originally meant for me.

I wonder if he truly believed that I willingly let go of the role that was taken from me.

Kang Hyun grew increasingly despondent, caught in a cycle of self-doubt. I couldn’t bear the weight of my own insecurities and envy towards Doyoung any longer. It was time for me to gather my thoughts and clear my mind.

But despite my determination, Doyoung keeps urging me to stay by his side. He holds onto Kang Hyun…