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Chapter 44


I pushed Ryu Su-yoon away while looking at his chest with unfamiliar eyes.


“What? I’m not Joo Ho-hyun.”


I couldn’t push Ryu Su-yoon hard. He smiled brightly, as if he didn’t hear my murmur.


‘I’m sorry. Did you do well? You’re not hurt, are you?’




‘Our Ho-hyun is all grown up. I’m proud of you.’


The shorter man raised his hand and stroked my head. Joo Ho-hyun’s body liked it so much that I didn’t throw out his arm even though my expression was grimace. I could feel Joo Ho-hyun’s feelings of excitement and happiness.


‘I thought it would feel bad if someone touched my hair. More than I thought…….’


My head tilted at him without realizing it, even though my lips were pouting. And at that moment, Ryu Su-yoon disappeared.




While I turned my head to find Ryu Soo-yoon, who disappeared all of a sudden, a soft texture touched my head and back. When I got up in surprise, I was on a bed.


The warm sunlight that came through the large window shone brightly in the room, and below it, Ryu Su-yoon, who had just disappeared, was smiling.


‘……Good morning.’


“You, are you a ghost or a dream?”


‘Haha, are you that sleepy? You have to get up now.’




‘You’ve gotten more silly. Then sleep a little more. I’ll wake you up.’


I stood up from the bed while staring at Ryu Soo-yoon, who was being buddy buddy with me. No matter what I do, Ryu Soo-yoon will move as Joo Ho-hyun remembers.


This place, which was several times more spacious than where I fell asleep, was possibly Joo Ho-hyun’s room at the health center, with familiar items. Although not many items were organized the same way, unlike the stark attic, warmth filled the entire room.


Scenes that did not receive my attention disappeared and changed so many times. Ryu Su-yoon was in all the scenes.


I’m getting bored with this By the time I felt it, the gate had opened in front of me. I looked back habitually while staring at the waves of the moving gate. Ryu Su-yoon was also next to me, but I was surprised by his different condition and reached out, forgetting that this was a dream.


“Hey…… Are you okay?”


Ryu Su-yoon, who was barely holding himself against the wall, slowly raised his head as if he had heard me. He smiled affectionately when his eyes met, even towards a familiar face.


‘It’s okay. I was dizzy for a second.’




‘If you say I’m overdoing it…I get it. As soon as this mission is over, I’ll take a vacation and get a checkup.’


Ryu Soo-yoon, who burst into laughter at what Joo Ho-hyun seemingly said, stood upright, sweeping his head.


‘Ho-hyun ah…. How upset would I be if you got hurt? I told you, leave it to the Espers if it’s dangerous, and you stay safe. If you don’t look back and forth like last time, I’ll get angry.’


‘All right. We both won’t get hurt, and you’ll be careful. Now, I promise.’


Ryu Su-yoon looked at my pinky finger.


Maybe because I already knew that both Ryu Soo-yoon and Joo Ho-hyun were dead, I didn’t think to match the rhythm with a light heart.


In the end, the venue began to change behind Ryu Soo-yoon, who smiled happily, maybe because Joo Ho-hyun hung his little finger. There was a sense of disbelief at the increasingly obvious sight. Soon I knew where this place was, and I doubted my eyes.


“Wait, this is……!”


It was the place that the system showed when I first synchronized with Joo Ho-hyun. The scene where Ryu Su-yoon died.


When I lowered my gaze in surprise at the heavy weight felt on my arm, Ryu Su-yoon was in my arms.


“Ho, Hyun ah, I……. You must…….’


I couldn’t take my eyes off Ryu Soo-yoon, whose breath was slowly evening out, even though I already knew it would be like this. Perhaps Joo Ho-hyun did the same, as everything else around him was blurry, and only Ryu Su-yoon’s face remained clear in his field of vision.


It was the same afterwards. It was a repeat of the same scene as then. The team members ran over, shouted and shouted, and tried to take Ryu Soo-yoon from my arms.


‘Su-yoon hyung!!’


‘Hikk…….What should I do……’


‘Joo Ho-hyun! You crazy punk. What have you done?’


‘Help! Save hyung!’


Ryu Su-yoon’s face, whose color was rapidly disappearing, looked like a corpse.




It was time to let go of the hand that was holding Ryu Su-yoon with mixed feelings when Ryu Su-yoon’s eyes, which were tightly closed as if they would not open again, opened.


“Ack! What the fuck!”


As I jumped in surprise, the dead pupils that had been staring into the air moved and headed towards me. His dry, cracked blue lips slowly opened, and a scratchy voice came out.


‘It’s because of you.’


My heart dropped, even though it wasn’t for me. Without realizing it, I missed Ryu Su-yoon and stepped back.


‘Ho-hyun ah, Ho-hyun ah. It hurts……. It hurts.’


Ryu Soo-yoon held my leg, screaming with a fierce and vicious expression that it was so hard to find the soft and friendly smile I had seen so far.


‘Why did you kill me? Why?’


“Oh, my God…….”


My body was shaking so hard that I couldn’t control it. Even though I knew it was just an illusion, I couldn’t bear to kick it because of a moment’s hesitation.


Ryu Soo-yoon, who fell on the rough floor, trembled with a round body. Sore tears gushed from his eyes.


‘It’s cold, Ho-hyun ah. I’m cold…….’


‘Stay with me. Huh? We always agreed to be together. The two of us together…….’


I didn’t feel anything, even when I hit and pinched my arm. Why can’t I wake up from this poor dream? Just a common and desolate dungeon interior around.


“If it’s a dream, where do I have to jump to wake up?”


It was even more uncomfortable because it was a dream I had after Ye Seong-woo came.


As I was trying to figure out how to wake up, I heard a groaning sound in front of me and turned around. Ryu Su-yoon’s body had strangely transformed.


Blackened skin and expanding bodies. The war’s worth looking at was a hideous appearance that I couldn’t find even after washing my eyes.


“You’re doing all sorts of things…….”




A monster that was Ryu Su-yoon rushed to me with his black mouth open. I stood still and looked at him thinking that I could wake up from my dream if I was eaten by him.


The nearer monster was several times bigger than I was before I knew it. The monster’s mouth opened and a black energy flowed out. As soon as I touched the black energy, I felt that I had touched something I shouldn’t have touched, so I felt strange even though it was a dream.


“Should I have just run away?”


I regretted it, but it was too late. I closed my eyes tightly to the appearance of a monster that reached my nose, and suddenly my left ankle became hot as if I were burned by something.


“Oh, what is it?”


Looking down, a white sheep stood proudly beside my leg.


“Oh? Sheep, you!”


I’ve forgotten about it a little since the welcome of the system. The sheep had become much more distinct than it had ever been seen before.


The sheep immediately rushed to the monster.


“Huh? Huh?”


The monster looked terrifying so I reached for the sheep without realizing it, fearing that the sheep might get hurt.


“Hey! Come here!! Hey, sheep!”


The white and fluffy sheep, unlike its pretty appearance, rushed at the monster with a very ferocious force. I hurried after him, but before I could catch him, the lamb ran to the monster and hit his head.




Although it is less than a handful of size compared to the monster, a part of the monster’s body that touched the sheep melted down and vaporized into murky smoke. The terrible screams of the tormented monster rang out.


The monster ran away, twisting strangely to avoid the sheep. However, the sheep jumped and passed through the monster, and the size of the monster gradually decreased.


I tried to approach the sheep at the appearance of the monster that melted and disappeared to the extent that it was no longer a threat, but my feet hardened and I could not move.




I moved up and down in embarrassment. The body gradually rose and began to be dragged back to the real world.


I could tell by instinct that I was now waking up from the dream.


“No, wait a minute…….”


The sheep turned to me. I was reminded of the day I was dragged back, so I reached for the sheep that was running right away.


As soon as my hand was about to touch the fur, my consciousness began to wake again.




I sprang up. I was on the old mattress in the attic and not the dungeon. The dawn was coming bright outside the window.


I blinked and slowly looked back on my memory because I didn’t wake up right away. It seemed Ye Seong-woo had left first, as I was the only one in the room. The clouded spirit gradually became apparent. The first thing that came to mind was the sheep.


“That sheep…….”


I looked around belatedly, but there was no way that it could be seen in reality that it was just a welcome. I glanced blankly at the hallway that looked out of the open door, smoothing my hot ankle.


Ye Seong-woo had secretly came to the room at night. And I had a strange dream afterwards.


It was definitely Ye Seong-woo’s trick. But the question still lingered.


‘For what? What did he want to happen to Joo Ho-hyun?”


I’m sure he used some skill or item, but I didn’t understand that what he did was only a nightmare.


Even if Ryu Su-yoon came out kind of horrible and uncomfortable, it was a dream anyway.


“……Did he want Joo Ho-hyun to be shocked?”


I muttered without realizing it and burst out laughing. Even though I was the one who said it, I couldn’t bear the ridiculous assumption.


“Phahaha, that’s ridiculous. Those two were supposed to be special, but I only had a dream? Is he afraid that Joo Ho-hyun can’t stand it because he’s blaming Ryu Su-yoon? That’s funny. I’d rather just poison him and kill him. What nonsense that Ye Seong-woo manipulated his dream to touch Joo Ho-hyun’s guilt and make him commit suicide…….”




I was stiffened by the refreshing sound of notifications ringing in my ears.

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