Wasn’t I the Female Lead of a Regret Novel? Cover

Wasn’t I the Female Lead of a Regret Novel?



“We’re getting a divorce.”


Vendia’s eyes slowly throbbed at the sound of divorce from her husband’s mouth.

As expected, Vendia Rose was confident.

Due to the nature of regret novels, if the female lead asks for a divorce, the male lead’s rehabilitation and love will begin from then on.

But what’s this?

They’re really getting divorced? He has to think hard! He has to be obsessed! This doesn’t make sense!


Although she couldn’t believe it, everything went well.

Yes, Vendia was really divorced.


Wasn’t I the female lead of a regret novel?




“I don’t have any regrets either. I’m going to live a good life!”


Vendia came down to the Rims territory.

She wanted to take care of the mansion she got from her ex-husband and live as a building owner with the monthly rent she received, but,


“When are you going to install the fireplace? I can’t sleep because it’s cold!”


Isn’t there a tenant who makes a fuss about the fireplace in the middle of summer.


“M-Master, shall I ask?”


Won’t she end up hiring a suspicious manager who isn’t good at work.


What else, this time? Murder in my mansion?

At the time when her head was hurting because of the situation that was running wild and crazy. A man approached her. 


“It’s been a long time. Wife.” 


Denros Kalvermer. It was her ex-husband.