Toxin Cover




“If we… were not a mismatch from the beginning…”

I, born as a half-blood between a human father and an Ime mother, faced various persecutions from fellow Ime individuals and grew up without even obtaining a name.

Having inherited the only talent from my deceased father, the skill of drawing, I managed to sustain a living by occasionally selling my body. However, I had a beloved mother to protect.

One day, the Ime village, known for the rumor of the merciless Black Martial Emperor, the king of the Baedal Kingdom and an assassin, was devastated by the extermination led by the notorious Black Martial Emperor. My mother, too, fell victim to their cruel hands.

Devastated by shock and grief, I resolved to seek revenge against the Black Martial Emperor. Disguised as a painter, I successfully infiltrated the Baedal Kingdom’s castle.

Despite appearing slender and having no proper training in swordsmanship, I possess a formidable weapon known as the ‘Ime’s Poison’…

Top “공” (Gong): Garon. The Black Martial Emperor. A young emperor of the Baedal Kingdom. Possessing a beauty so extraordinary that it is almost inhuman, but cold-blooded and ruthless, justifying actions such as being a war fanatic and an assassin. His life, where only slaughter and tools for it held meaning, undergoes a transformation due to the approach of a young member of the Ime race who talks about depicting the nobility of the Black Martial Emperor.

Bottom “수” (Su): An unnamed Ime individual. A mixed-blood born between a human father and an Ime mother. Due to being born as a mixed-blood, he was rejected and persecuted while growing up in the Ime village. When his mother is killed by the hands of the Emperor of the Baedal Kingdom, he approaches Garon, the Black Martial Emperor, seeking revenge for his mother.