The Night Of The Untraced Cover

The Night Of The Untraced



Born into the Seo family, known for their generations-long destiny, Seungjoo, the only one who narrowly escaped fate, and couldn’t see ghosts.

From the moment he was born, until he opened his eyes in the same bed as his neighbor and hyung, Kim Muheun.

“Seungjoo, you cried a lot yesterday.”

A night lost in alcohol-induced haze. Since that day, Seungjoo’s spiritual eyes, opened. Kim Muheun, the eldest son of the promising exorcist family, promises to take responsibility and protect Seungjoo…

“I’d rather get hurt than you.”

One with a destiny to vanquish evil spirits, the other with a destiny to exorcise evil spirits.

Their bloodlines deeply intertwined as if miraculously unmixed. Their fates began to intertwine.