The Youngest On Top Cover

The Youngest On Top



‘The Great God, Artemia. Please give me strength. So—’


“Please allow me to beat them all!” 

Before her return, Saelica, became the holy power battery of the saint and met her death.

On the other hand, Amelia, the saint of Parmanas, was loved all over the world.


People didn’t know.

The truth is that the miracle is all about Saelica’s ability.

This time, I will never die unfairly.


The enemy of the enemy is on my side. 


First, let’s visit the Temple of Artemia.


“Arte-nim the best! Do whatever you want!

(Artemia-nim is the best God. I want to train my mind and body by Artemia-nim!)” 


That’s how the temple life of Saelica began.


Searching for the forgotten treasures of the temple to help make a living.


“The High Priest! We did a great job!”

I educated children of my age, about the future of the temple.

“Fist, I want to be called with you.”


But are things going strange?


“I’m definitely on our side.”

“I’m the one that Sae likes the most.”

“I thought honey bread was the coolest.”


Where are the priests and my peers who were suspicious and hostile to me?


“Let me take this child.”

“No, this kid was hiding with me.”


The battle between the Grand Duke of the North and the Admiral of the South is going to blow my back!


“I’m not your daughter!”




Even getting involved with a dangerous man.


“Is it fun playing with me? Then play a little more.”


I just wanted to defeat the Temple of Parmanas.


Can Saelica achieve her goals?


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