If The Villain Catches Me Alive Cover

If The Villain Catches Me Alive





I’ve possessed a villainous master who is about to be gruesomely murdered by the main villain in the ruined BL novel <Jeffrey>.


With a primal instinct to not want to die, I tried everything I could to escape the death flag.


“Um… Hi? Have you eaten?”


I even let him out of the basement where he was locked up.


“This is Jeffrey, he’s going to be staying with us from now on.”


I even turned the original protagonist into his childhood friend.


“I never thought of you as my master.”


But my student won’t let go of my death flag.


Aish, this isn’t working.


Let’s run away.




After a series of twists and turns, my escape seemed to be successful, though my body was weakened and my magic was drained.


I thought I could start a new life in the countryside working with the second job I found…


“I’ve been waiting. Dante.”


One day, I was found alive by my villainous disciple.




“You… lost your memory?”


No. I just lied because I didn’t want to be dragged back.


“…It’s okay. We’re back together. We can just start from the beginning.”


No, where is my consent? And start what, with my death ending?


At that moment, my student said something outrageous.


“You and I were lovers. A very affectionate lovers.”