I Became the Daughter-In-Law of the Righteous Mad Dog Cover

I Became the Daughter-In-Law of the Righteous Mad Dog



Isabella, who died after being exploited by the Duke of Lodgemund family, her husband’s family, and losing all her properties.

The moment she returned to her childhood like a miracle and chose her husband,


“This girl, she wants to become a member of the long-cherished Duke of Barmuth family.”


She decided that she’d rather be the daughter-in-law of the famous mad dog.




‘Since they’re a family that judges crime, I will be safe. But in order to be protected,’


I have to capture the bloody father-in-law without mercy first!

But… Aren’t I a ‘daughter-in-law’?”


“Oh my gosh! Thanks to Young Madam, all the fog stones that contain their power have been destroyed!”


Won’t I help my father-in-law fix the bomb blueprints?


“Isabella, you, too, are now a member of the Gottfried Knights.”


Even joining the Knights that capture the Dark Magician?


“I will protect you. Marriage is like that.”


My fiancé, who is still young, is suspiciously admirable, but in the midst of the insidious plots are thriving, the situation that I have to protect…


Ah, I don’t know anymore. I’m going to solve the problem first.

Let’s defeat it righteously!


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