I Became The Tyrant’s Pet Cover

I Became The Tyrant’s Pet



I, who had transmigrated into the daughter of a rebel, managed to keep my life on the condition that I became the pet of the male lead.


“Come up to the bed and sleep with me. You’re my pet, aren’t you?”


He talked languidly, but his red eyes were filled with suspicion. In order to live, I had no choice but to be quiet.


The I realized that three delicious meals a day were prepared for me even though I did nothing, and no one could tocj me because of the tyrannical male lead.


‘… By any chance, are you on the side of my life now?’


As the male lead was becoming more and more affectionate, it was time for the original story to begin.


I talked to him since I thought it was time for me to leave… but his reaction was strange.


“You tamed me. You tamed me… and now you’re going to abandon me?”


There was a fierce obsession in his red eyes.