I Became the Wicked Beastmen’s Catnip Cover

I Became the Wicked Beastmen’s Catnip



Yernian, the princess of a ruined kingdom, ended her short life as a victim of a magic experiment.


…Is what everyone thought of. But when she opened her eyes, to her surprise, she returned to 18 years ago.


“I found you. The Messiah of the Myo Clan.”


After meeting the head of the Myo Clan, Yernian’s life changed 180 degrees. Somehow, Yernian, who was adopted into the royal family of Myo Clan, grew up as quietly as possible and decided to escape, but…




“If a pudding and I fell into the water, who would you save first?”

“I’m not going to save you both.”

“I’ll give you a hundred of puddings, so save me too.”

From the arrogant head of the Myo Clan, who had no interest in everything in the world except for the safety of his clan,


“So, I mean, I’ve been thinking about this, you know?”

“About your shitty personality?”

“No. About when I can monopolize you.”

Until the Second Prince who was known as the most free spirited of the Myo Clan, the princes all became strange.


“I’m curious.”

“Hm? About what?”

“How you will turn my feet into rags.”

Following the cat that grew up after picking it up,


“It’s not long before the mana finally fully blooms. You’ll be the most perfect thing among the things that I’ve ever made, Yernian.”

Even an unidentified man who was obsessed with words without meaning appeared…!


Then, will Yernian be able to safely escape from the wicked beastmen?