I’m In Trouble Because The Darkened Heroes Are Obsessed With Me Cover

I’m In Trouble Because The Darkened Heroes Are Obsessed With Me



I possessed the guild master ‘Ruel’ in the game.

Fostering four heroes, defeating the final boss, and returning to reality out of the game.

Three years later, I was possessed by the same game again.


This time, it’s <Final Boss> in the form of aristocratic Lady “Elsez”! 

I was going to meet the heroes and tell them all,

They thought “Ruel” was dead, so they were living in darkness and an arbitrary life.


‘It’s X.  I didn’t expect it to turn out like this!’


Besides, when I try to reveal my identity, my mouth closes.

At this rate, I’m going to be overthrown by my babies!


* * *


I decided to avoid the heroes because they might try to kill me if they encounter me.

By the way…


“What should I do, so that I don’t lose you?”

The cruel Duke of Blood obeys me,


“Why do I have to protect the world? The world without you means nothing to me.”

The Guild Master, who has lived righteously has fallen,


“Didn’t you know that I only smile like this in front of you?”

The Cardinal, who is as warm as the sun, show a cool smile,


“If I could, I wanted to break your world and have you next to me.”

The Dark Master of the magic tower looks at me with obsessive eyes.


Guys, I’m the final boss and you guys are heroes

Why the hell are you obsessed with me?