Please Kill Me Cover

Please Kill Me



Lambert Hindleton


The successor of Count Hindleton,

The sole survivor of the Count’s lineage.

An empty man, incapable of containing anything other than a fervent desire for Dahlia, and a noble shell inheriting the madness of his father and the beauty of his mother. His obsession and longing could not stop, even though he knew it would come to a devastating end.




The daughter of the Count family’s wet nurse.

Suffering within the wretched life of her broken mother, she is rescued by Lambert, enduring an even more degraded existence. Rather than prolonging a miserable life, she would rather have Lambert’s love, even if it means being bound by his yearning and lust. She’ll forget her misery under his protection and simply be devoured again and again. Until she can believe that it is happiness…




Because I loved her, I wanted to become her eyes. So that she wouldn’t have to see anything filthy and wretched. I wanted to make her feel only the most beautiful things in the world.


That was your love.


Therefore, I will return that love to you.


Now, close your eyes. You don’t need eyes to devour me.


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