A fortune-telling princess Cover

A fortune-telling princess



Top actress Lee Shia with the ability to see ghosts.

After the accident, he wakes up from the body of ‘Camila Sorpel’.

The problem is that

“Oh, father! Help me!”

The end of this woman is death every time!

Extending the lifeline is a priority, so let’s start by talking to the ghosts here first, shall we?

“You will get a divorce soon.”

“… what?”

The atmosphere in the conference hall became quiet again at the word that was uttered like a hum.

“What are you going to say now… … !”
“Your servant’s wife.”

The embarrassment was evident on the face of the other person in the following words.

“She is also the wife of a subordinate whom she cherishes the most.”
“Uh, what… … !”

“Have you heard of my rumors?”

Camilla smiled and took a step closer.

“They say that the princess of the Sorpel family is looking at some fortune-telling.”