I Will Raise It as the Best Family in the World cover

I Will Raise It as the Best Family in the World

When she faced death in the final battle against Cheongung, the enemy who led her family to ruin, and opened her eyes, Seol Woonyeong was back as a ten-year-old child. Back to that time when her grandfather, a stern but fair man, her affectionate father, and her caring older brother were there. ‘I will make…

How to Live the Life of a Demon cover

How to Live the Life of a Demon

“Are you telling me I need to join the academy?”   Lucius ascended to the position of Fifth Elder of the Demon World at the age of less than 80 years.   One day, he receives an order from the Demon King.   “Because the Fifth Elder is so capable, I’d like you to take…

Dead Man Switch cover

Dead Man Switch

After pulling an all-nighter to submit his project, he opened his eyes to a Christmas morning. However, instead of carols ringing, it was the beginning of a disaster. The dormitory was cut off from communication, and outside, There were zombies roaming, dripping black blood as they tore people apart!   Ho-hyeon, running away without knowing…

Declaration Of Extra Strike cover

Declaration Of Extra Strike

S-level producer, Kang Eui-jin is dead. Eui-jin, who barely escaped to death after rolling like a dog, had woken up inside a C-class guide body that looks just like him, as the incompetent member, hated by the team members, Joo Ho-hyun.   “This isn’t skinship, we’re guiding, so please guide properly.” “Han Seo-jin, are you…

Subscriber of the Gods cover

Subscriber of the Gods

Battlegrounds of the Gods, New World Ethan was an extra in the game, and an opportunity presented itself. [Subscribe to the god you want!] “Everyone wants me?” -Mortal, please subscribe to me! Ethan had become the idol of many gods, His every step shook the world, and the gods took notice!

Solo Leveling: Ragnarok cover

Solo Leveling: Ragnarok

Sung Sooho, who lived as an ordinary college student, awakens his special lineage that was dormant at the moment of crisis. “Arise.” Pay attention to the new Hunter, who defies and dominates death, leveling!

I’m Sorry, but It’s Because I’m an Ordinary Person cover

I’m Sorry, but It’s Because I’m an Ordinary Person

‘World’s first for dungeon raids’ ‘A melee Hunter with terrifying destructive power’ ‘The Hunter who defeated SSS-class boss monster alone’ ‘The nation’s hero who saved the country from the special grade gate’ ‘Chosen as the most respected Hunter by fellow Hunters’ ‘World’s most famous Hunter’   Everyone wondered why the Hunter, who ranks first in…

Turning cover


Yuder was a commoner Omega who rose to the top with his ability. When he woke up again after being falsely accused and executed, he was back 11 years ago before everything began. A chance to get back…… He must not repeat the same mistake he did before. To survive, and to save the world,…

An Angel Lives in the Academy cover

An Angel Lives in the Academy

Lv.1 Reincarnated as an angel. Angels gain strength by doing good things, inevitably, good deeds must be done. But isn’t the people around seem to be misunderstanding something?  

A fortune-telling princess cover

A fortune-telling princess

Top actress Lee Shia with the ability to see ghosts. After the accident, he wakes up from the body of ‘Camila Sorpel’. The problem is that “Oh, father! Help me!” The end of this woman is death every time! Extending the lifeline is a priority, so let’s start by talking to the ghosts here first,…