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While I’m embarrassed, he smoothly changed the topic, removing his bloody expression, “No… Now tell me about Astel’s request.”


I hurriedly blinked, turning away from the sweat on the palms I held with him.


“Yes, as an imprint companion! I have a small, very, very small request!”


The Duke stared at me pecking at my words, emphasizing that it was a ‘small’ request.


And, as if he was waiting, he replied with a little bitter glance, “…Gladly .”


Contrary to the facial expression, the Duke’s voice oozes tenderness.  


However, there was one misunderstanding of Duke Anais. To ordinary humans, his expressionlessness was more bloody and fearful than anything else.


When he, a beast among the beasts, approaches as if he is a small man and tilts his head… I have no choice but to slump.


‘The basis of the negotiations is the deployment, but I’m already doomed.’


I glanced back up and saw Duke Anais. The Duke of Anais was famous for various rumors.


The anecdote of tearing humans alive or being powerful enough to throw a giant monster with one hand was a story that everyone in the empire who is growing up these days knows.


My eyes widened and my mouth gaped at the same time I shouted,  “Even if the imprint is over, don’t kill me, please!”


“Whatever you want.”


Unexpectedly, our words burst out at the same time.


“… Du—  Duke? What did you say?”


I did not hear the Duke’s words properly, only focusing on what I had to say. But he stared at me without an answer, pursing his mouth strangely.


Is that the twisted face that was described in the original, when the Duke kills a monster?


His grip holding my hand tightened and he asked, “Do you think I will kill you?”


It was strangely hard, but it didn’t hurt. I rolled my eyes all over the place and held my breath.


“…Well, you probably won’t. I believe you will not harm me. It’s because we don’t know what will happen to the world.”


Unlike my trembling figure, the man in front of me stared at me with a perfect and elegant look without any distraction.


Certainly, among the nobles, the description of being an elegant nobleman was not a waste.


“I won’t kill you.” The Duke said in a resolute and cold tone. 


But that wasn’t enough. I stared at the Duke, and after a few seconds, then replied with a frown. It was rare for him to reveal his feelings.


“Good. We will need a contract ‘not to kill‘.” 


“After all, the Duke is really cool!”


After hearing the belated flattery, Duke Anais slowly removed his hand from mine and returned to his usual blank expression, but the way he held my hand earlier wasn’t rough.


 “Well then Astel, I have a lot of work to care about now.”




I rolled my eyes then continued,  “I will actively cooperate as much as possible.” 




“Yes! they say that the imprint is stable only when we become intimate… We can set a time to meet every day!”


The Duke nodded slowly and answered, “It would be better to have dinner together.”


I was worried that we had to eat together every day and that the food would go over without a problem, but it was a good thing because the opportunity to seek advanced information increased.


Thinking so, I smiled and shook my head, then lifted it again.


“We can check each other’s health at dinner. Then, in the future, please!”


 It feels like something has come into the pit of my feet! After realizing that I had reincarnated in the novel, I was prepared to overcome anything as I had simulated more than 55,000 revenge situations.


‘The people who have framed our family… You must have been sleeping with your feet intact  in this Duke Castle, right?’


I remembered the ‘Revenge Manual’ notebook in my pocket.


The spies of the family in the castle Duke of Anais… I will shake them off without leaving a speck of single dust!


Duke Anais, looking at my clenched fist, called my name, “Astel.”




“In the future, I will also actively cooperate for our stability.”


His eyes bent slightly as he smiled. It was an expression that could be said as an eye-smile, but it just seemed meaningful because the other person was Duke Anais.


“I am looking forward to our future.”



After that, I spent the entire day making a contract in the library with the Duke.


For reference, I was the  ‘Gap’. The Duke readily did that, and I realized again that he was kinder than I expected.


—One, Astel (“Gap”) treats Duke (“Eul”) as a guardian.


Note:  GAP -갑(甲) is someone who makes a contract with some advantage and has the right to order someone. On the contrary, EUL(을l) is someone who is subjected to GAP’s order on the contract. I will use A to represent GAP and B for EUL


—Two, ‘A’ is always waiting at the residence of ‘B’, and when ‘B’ is sick, the tone of the five squads goes down.


—-Three,  ‘B’ sponsors ‘A’ and takes care of all the conveniences.


It was a magic contract with the same outline. It was the first time in my life that I was placed in the position of “Gap” in the contract, so my heart was pounding.


“This is my first time writing a contract like this!”


I laughed to my heart’s content. My heart grew stronger as I recalled the malignant treatment from the supervisor of the treatment center where I had been working.


He was a wildcat, always snorting and rolling me around like a bathrobe.


—’ Why did you present the potion I made to the conference as if the director made it… ‘


—‘What? Are you mad about it?’ 


—‘Of, of course, it’s unfair…’


The head of the treatment center raised his eyebrows toward me with his red eyes glaring as he gave a congratulatory message.


—If you think it’s unfair, you can leave. Shouldn’t you be grateful  to me just for accepting a young girl like you?’


However, I didn’t cry and endured whatever the head of the treatment said.


‘Let’s leave it later, you devious bastard.’


That gallbladder’s chewing heart made him look like a child without an embryo.

Note: I think this is Atel’s way of cursing


So, the head of the treatment center and the healers under him called me the stupid Astel, pushover Astel, and the naive Astel. 


I’ve been through a lot of bad things in my life, and I’m trying to get my mind off such things. 


It’s not gonna happen again! I got up in a hurry and stared back at the Duke’s cold face.


…Good. Seeing that sharp impression, I feel wary again.


The Duke, who folded the contract and handed it to me, leaned on his back.


Even that series of motions was stolen, and my mouth gaped. I asked him cautiously, “Well, but if I want to live in Duke Castle in the future…”


I gulped. It’s not wrong, but I don’t know why I keep getting nervous. 


“I have to give my resignation letter to the treatment center where I was working and pack my luggage.”


The Duke looked up and offered his best answer. 


“I will have my articles at the treatment center and instead communicate your intention to resign. I will also order the knights to bring the luggage.”


I was also grateful because it was awkward to face the treatment center’s director. I was relieved by incinerating everything that would be a problem in case of an unknown search.


“Yes, it is!” 


I nodded happily and the Duke raised himself and said, “I’ll take you to the Delphinium Room where you will stay.”


As soon as he said that, his hand gently covered my forehead. His eyes blinked, amazed at the unintentional contact, but the Duke whispered to me as he lowered his drowsy eyes.


“This is a thermal test.” 


“Ah, yes!”


I also raised my arms and placed my hand on the forehead of the Duke. I felt the right temperature in my palm, neither hot nor cold.


Both he and I seem to be in a healthy state without any problems, so far. 


“I’m done with the test too!”


When I lifted my hand with a bright smile, his neck was stiff, as if he didn’t know I would come in contact with it. Though he still had an indifferent expression, it seemed that he sometimes blinked his eyes often.



Under the guidance of the Duke, I entered the Delphinium room.


There was a shower room with a view of the exterior scenery, a morning room to have a simple meal, and a private Oval Room with a simple view of the House.


“I like it very much!”


 I smiled with sincerity then the Duke nodded slowly and said, “That’s good to hear.”


I looked around the room with my eyes rolling in wonder. First of all, the most important thing for me was the window. There should have been enough passages for messenger birds to enter.


Fortunately, there was a window in the room. 


‘The window is tightly closed, can cello come in here?’ 


The blackbird, “cello,” was a messenger bird between my brother and me. It was also a by-product of the ancient stealth magic that our parents had cast to protect us. 


So, Cello could come to me wherever I was, and no one would be able to it with their eyes except for those who had a strong dragon-class magical power.


Cello periodically moved back and forth between my brother and me, knocking on the window of my room anytime and anywhere to deliver letters. 


Now that it was time for Cello to come, I had to keep the windows open wherever I would stay. Then it was obvious that no one would come in to find me secretly. 


As I pondered, I tried to reach out to the spacious window in the room. However, the Duke, who saw me lingering near the window, called my name and stopped me.

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