Dead Man Switch Cover

Dead Man Switch



After pulling an all-nighter to submit his project, he opened his eyes to a Christmas morning.

However, instead of carols ringing, it was the beginning of a disaster.

The dormitory was cut off from communication, and outside,

There were zombies roaming, dripping black blood as they tore people apart!


Ho-hyeon, running away without knowing the reason,

Encounters a man wielding a fire axe, fighting off zombies,

A strange lunatic named Ki Young-won.


In the face of an imminent crisis where he could lose his life at any moment,

Despite being complete strangers, he carelessly calls out his name

Although his personality is nasty crazy and bad-tempered

Young-won tells him that only he can’t die

And so, Ho-hyeon’s strange companionship with him begins.


And in this mysterious and confusing situation

Where life and death, justice and injustice intertwine,

He finds himself gradually relying on Young-won,

Who keeps tempting him with strange allurements,

Without even realizing it…?


“Even though you can’t do anything without me, you are needlessly meddlesome.

…… Well, it’s fine. Sometimes you do pretty things that catch my attention. Beautiful things are naturally worth the effort.”