I’m Sorry, but It’s Because I’m an Ordinary Person Cover

I’m Sorry, but It’s Because I’m an Ordinary Person



‘World’s first for dungeon raids’

‘A melee Hunter with terrifying destructive power’

‘The Hunter who defeated SSS-class boss monster alone’

‘The nation’s hero who saved the country from the special grade gate’

‘Chosen as the most respected Hunter by fellow Hunters’

‘World’s most famous Hunter’


Everyone wondered why the Hunter, who ranks first in everything, rejected outstanding guilds and wandered alone. 


[The World’s First, the God of War, Finger Technique] 


The reason was my nickname that was ruined by a moment’s mistake.




Why do you not reveal your identity, they asked. What a fascinating group of people. 

If it were you guys, would you be able to reveal your identity with a nickname like Finger Technique?! Huh?! Would you?!


Moreover, I have to reveal my nickname if I enter a guild! I have to reveal my identity! I have to do an interview! Then I’m going to be asked why I made that nickname!


Avoiding the two people who were chasing me, I ran like the wind. 


I rejected both fake and actual guild admission invitations. I’m sorry, but it’s because I’m an ordinary person. And even in the future, I plan to continue being an ordinary person.


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