The Fog Horn (Angae Godong) Cover

The Fog Horn (Angae Godong)



An encounter between a merman who is trying to punish humans for messing with the sea and a young man who blows a foghorn at the lighthouse to protect humans


Chungdo Island, where casualties continue to occur around the beautiful sea.

In it, Nuri, a young lighthouse keeper, meets merman Ason, a mysterious creature.


“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“I hope you remember me.”


Even as people continue to go crazy, the two who recognise each other’s loneliness gradually grow closer…


“If this could be someone’s last time…”

“I want to touch you Ason, all of you.”


With a desperate heart, Nuri hugs Ason’s neck tightly.


* * *


Ason: Age unknown. The merman who protects the mermaids, the commander of the watchmen. He hates humans who harm the sea and mermaids, but always runs into the limit of mermaid laws that cannot harm humans.


Nuri: 25 years old. A lame young man who always wanders off on the island of Chungdo, the home of his life. He lost his mother, who was his only support, and became alone in the midst of all kinds of contempt and disregard from the villagers.


Sympathy phrase: “You are the only one to me.”