Solo For Two Cover

Solo For Two



“I want to love again and be loved.”

Conservative and sincere youth Karel meets a man by chance on his journey. Sasha, a fugitive who couldn’t hide his beautiful appearance even in the midst of desperation. Karel, who falls for him at first sight, pours out an unrequited love…

Eight years later. The once fugitive has become a successful dancer who captivates Paris. However, numerous rumors follow in his shadow. Rumors of drug abuse, performing in blue movies, bedding noble patrons for luxury… And some of these rumors are undoubtedly true.

Yet, even for Sasha, there was a past where he received devoted love from someone. However, Sasha abandoned him for success, and he went missing shortly after the war.

Then one day, his forgotten lover reappears before him. In a completely different guise from the past.