I Became the Young Wife of the Oriental Fantasy’s Male Lead Cover

I Became the Young Wife of the Oriental Fantasy’s Male Lead



Inside the martial arts novel which the male lead fully seized, I possessed the male lead’s distant ancestor.


In order to be faithful to the role of supporting male lead, I worked my bones off and built the best family.


After that, I closed my eyes comfortably. However—


“What?! Did you say that my family is doomed?”


When I opened my eyes again, it was 300 years later.


My family, which I had reestablished so tenaciously, was on the verge of collapsing.

Furthermore, the disgraceful political marriage of the male lead, whom I devoted my whole life to support, with the original villainess was ahead.


However, the biggest problem was…


“Why did I become that villainess!?”






Now that I married the male lead, I decided to make my ruined family stand again.


If the original female lead appears later, wouldn’t he let me stealthily slide out?


That’s what I thought, however…


“Our Housemistress, isn’t she a chance given by God to revive the North Sea Ice Palace?”

“I never thought that Housemistress would think about us like this… I was really touched.”


…Why do you all look so affectionate like that?




“Sometimes, I feel like Wife is too good for me.”


The male lead’s gaze which was staring at me sparkled with endless obsession.


“… Still, I don’t want to let you go.”


No, I mean, the original female lead has appeared, right? Why are you like this to me!?


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