I, the Female Lead, Ruined the Original Cover

I, the Female Lead, Ruined the Original



I possessed the role of a female protagonist.

But there’s a problem…


“When women gather, dishes get broken, so be careful on your own.”

“Oh, really?”


This world was from a spicy adult novel. And the male lead is strangely individualistic? But he’s a crown prince, so is there no alternative?


Well… I was born with a diamond spoon. I was planning for a comfortable life.


But suddenly, I heard two unbelievable words.


“…Chicken and beer.”


…Chi— what?


As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one who got possessed in this place.



A noble lady, who is the hidden power of the empire’s guild,

A fake lady of ducal collecting slush funds,

A priestess who sought refuge in the temple to avoid the regretful womanizer and,

A maid escaping from a reverse harem.


But why isn’t there a handsome, high-ranking man who can get along with me and twist the original story?


Unfortunately, my friends are either enjoying twisting their stories or waiting for my original story to begin…


To find the last member of the ‘Transmigrators Club,’ a masquerade ball was held.


And then a man appeared, having the perfect blend of my preferences!

A black-haired, cold, handsome man, and to top it off, he’s even my ultimate fan.


“Excuse me, would you like to have a chat with me?”

“Well, I came here because I was curious about Miss Lea in the first place.”


I thought I would have a lively conversation while enjoying his satisfying face, even if I didn’t get to eat him.

I was sure that was the case…




I’m doomed.

I, the female lead, had messed up.

Shouldn’t I have refrained from spending the night with another man…?



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