Idle Life Of A Saintess Cover

Idle Life Of A Saintess



I am Noah Kaplan.

I’m a teacher at a local temple education center, an insignificant controller priest.

I have a very small and insignificant ability to help you sleep well, lower your anger, and put your mind at ease.

Oh, my dream is to meet a good person, quit the priesthood, and live happily ever after!

Then one day, the temple formed a subjugation squad, saying that the demon dragon would wake up soon.

Gathering all the controllers in the empire, shouting out the strange prayer, “Ta-da!”

So I just pretended……


I became a saintess because I was the only one who had a divine power no one has ever had.

I’ve been working with Cardinal Gabriel Schliemann, the most powerful controller in the empire.

Find the dragon, find the happiness and love…… Forget it, Let me go home!

I’m afraid of dragons! Uwah! 〒∇〒