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  1. Hotelier in another world


(Hidden) Isaac Kumari (Guest Room 401) (Grade: A)


Title: Guardian god of Alcohol and Parties 


Skills: Party Time (A), Night Fever (B)


Stats: ?? 


! Note ! Temporarily increases the skill’s effectiveness by 50% when in contact with the magic of the demon lord’s subordinates.


Isaac Kumari.


As soon as I saw the guest in room 401, I knew his identity right away. 


The owner of Kumari Hotel.


‘Did he come to set up a trap at a competing hotel…’


I had that suspicion at first, but my doubts gradually disappeared.


‘Guest Room 401’ is impressed by the smoked flavor of the meat. 


Isaac grilled and ate a barbecue in a private cabin, breathing in the quiet air with his face turning bright red. 


‘Guest Room 401’ is ecstatic about walking along a quiet forest path. 


He was walking in the forest and looked happier than anyone else.


‘Guest Room 401’ feels as if his entire body is melting in the warmth.


He dozed off in the open-air bath, completely unaware that the dragon’s hidden black tail had been revealed.


I stopped doubting Isaac.


I didn’t even tell Boss Grey about the identity of the guest in room 401. Instead, I tried to increase Isaac’s satisfaction. I took care of small things that could be taken care of, emphasizing that I was the one who did it.


Gradually, Isaac began to let his guard down.


– I’ve been having a hard time lately because I’ve been having nightmares a lot, but I was so touched when I heard that I could have good dreams here…


Have a nightmare.


I was waiting in front of room 401 just before Isaac came into the room after eating, taking a walk, and taking a bath.


I asked this to Isaac, who looked sleepy. “I would like to install curtains to help our guests have particularly good dreams. Would that be okay?”


Projector curtain: 70G


—Let guests dream what they want to dream.


—Customer Satisfaction +30


This can be installed here too. Isaac nodded with a distrustful look on his face when he was told that curtains could help him have good dreams.


I set up the curtains in his room and came out.


And the next day. I could really feel the effect.


-What on earth did you do to the curtains?! I didn’t have any nightmares at all today! In the past, I wanted to escape the nightmare, so I went into a light sleep and woke up again and again, but today I had a good night’s sleep. I even hesitated to get up because I didn’t want to leave that state.


Isaac, with a face as shiny as a peeled egg, came down from room 401 and made a fuss.


So projector curtains also work on dragons.


I felt relieved and offered Isaac some coffee. “I’m glad you had a good dream. Would you like a cup of morning coffee?”


– Yes!


Coffee was also a secret item. It’s because right after leaving work, I grabbed an energizing buff potion from a random coffee machine


Of course, as soon as he drank the coffee, Isaac’s eyes became brighter. 


– I haven’t been able to sleep lately so I have no energy, but after sleeping well and drinking this coffee, I feel refreshed. For some reason, I feel energized!


The dragon’s tail swung around Isaac’s butt. He’s not even careful. I covered the chair with the coat he had taken off and naturally covered his tail.


– …?


Isaac’s eyes widened when he noticed that. 


– Ugh… Uh… Uhm… By any chance, that tail you just saw…


“I will keep it a secret from the boss. Sir Isaac Kumari.”


– …!




There is power in those words. The moment anyone hears the words, “It’s a secret between us,” they suddenly feel closer to the other person.


I put down the cookies I baked with Samoyed at the Grey Hotel last night in front of him in confusion. His face turned pale, then bright red, and then returned to its original state over a long period of time.


Isaac said it hesitantly.


– I, I didn’t mean to deceive you.


“I guess so. But you deceived me.”


I didn’t smile with my eyes but lifted only my lips to smile.


– That’s…


“Still, since you were a guest at our hotel, I wanted to treat you as best as I could. As a hotelier, it is my mission to treat hotel guests.”


I add emotion with a little bit of guilt. My strategy seemed to be working well. Isaac’s eyes turned sullen.


– You are a really good hotelier. Unlike me.


“It can’t be. Isaac Kumari would also be a very good hotel owner.”


 – But I… ! I’m…!


Isaac couldn’t bear to speak.


‘Guest Room 401’ feels a strong sense of gratitude and guilt.


The favorability rating of ‘Guest Room 401’ increases. 


It is now. 


When the guest in room 401 seemed to like me, I decided to reveal my secret as well. 


“I’m actually looking for someone. It’s been a while. Because of him, I started working in hotels.”


– …Who is that person?


Isaac was interested.


I bowed my head slightly to Isaac and said very ‘secretly’.


“It’s a person named Lee Semyung.”


Isaac, who was thinking about the word Lee Semyung, opened his eyes wide.


– That human…slave?!


“Yes. That’s right. Could you please send an invitation to our hotel to the person who is said to be working as a slave? If that were possible, I would like to invite Isaac Kumari to my hotel whenever you get tired.” 


Stealing the contact information of your hotel guest from an employee of a rival hotel!


It was a very risky proposition, but I could see Isaac shaking.


So I added it quickly. “You can always have good dreams at our hotel.”




Isaac’s eyes were greatly shaken.


* * *


In the end, Isaac Kumari sent an invitation to the guest who had a human slave.


Just in case, I decided to send the invitation to the Yeongchun Hotel. 


– You’re doing a separate hotel. As expected… There was a boss’s force.


“Is that so?” 


– But these days, there are bad rumors going around about this person, so I wonder if this invitation will ever arrive…


“What rumor?”


– There’s a rumor going around that the demon king corrupted this guest




The moment I heard those words, I naturally thought of a series of events related to the witness of salvation.


– Corrupted beings tend to run wild and lose their mind.


“Then Isaac Kumari…”


– Me? Although I am a member of the Demon King, I am not a being who has become corrupted and lost my mind! It’s just… the Kumari family has been making contracts with the demon king for generations, so all we can do is hire beings such as incubuses and succubi as employees at the hotel!


Is this similar to our hotel being able to make a contract with spirits?


Isaac cried out as if it was unfair. He had an attitude of wanting to draw a line with the demon king. 


– And now I really want to run a hotel. A hotel that truly treats its guests properly, not a hotel that sucks the energy out of its guests.


Is that possible?


But he’s part of the demon king. 


Even though I thought so, I tried using the eyes of a hotelier when I sent Isaac away for the last time.


(Hidden) Isaac Kumari (Guest Room 401) (Grade: A)


Title: Guardian of Alcohol and Parties


Skills: Party Time (A), Night Heat (B), Dionysus’ Healing (B) (NEW!)


Stats: ??


! Status abnormality ! When the mind is purified by more than 30%, magic sensitivity decreases. Instead, the effectiveness of Dionysus’ Heal (B) is increased by 80%.


…Status abnormality?


Since Isaac Kumari was originally a member of the Demon King, his purified state of mind itself seemed to be considered abnormal. 


However, there is no law that states that all beings must live the way they were born. 


I decided to support Isaac for now.


“You will be a good hotel owner.”


Isaac asked me to trust him and left the hotel with his cheeks turning red.


At the end, he asked for an invitation not only to the Grey Hotel but also to the Yeongchun Hotel, so I gave it to him. I wondered if it was okay to give invitations to a member of the Demon King’s group, but since I felt confident and unafraid of A-class monsters at the hotel, I didn’t think it would be a problem.


After cleaning up the hotel, I approached Alex.




“Ah, yes, boss!” Alex smiled the whole time she looked at the sales slip for today at the front desk. “Thanks to you, we are fully booked every day these days. Thank you.” 


The puppy-turned Samoyed who was chewing dog gum at Alex’s feet also jumped up and thanked me.


– Woof woof! (Thank you too! You are the savior of our hotel.)


Samoyeds are as strong as Geumdong and are good at cooking, so I was pondering for a moment.


I was wondering if we should cast him as an employee of our hotel.


However, seeing his strong affection for this hotel, I decided to stop. Employees from allied hotels can also be dispatched.  


“Now that the hotel is back on track, I don’t think I will be needed anymore.”


I also sent an invitation to what seemed to be a monster or a dragon that was holding Dad. Alex also decided to come and tell me if there was any new news about Lee Semyung. 


Now, it is better to wait for news from Dad at the hotel than to leave the Yeongchun Hotel empty any longer. 




Alex’s eyes widened, and Samoyed dropped the dog gum he was eating with a loud noise. 


Is this really surprising?


Last ten days…No, I’ve been commuting and working here for two months? 


Alex and Samoyed also seemed to realize this fact and spoke with genuine faces.


“Well, you have to renovate the hotel you were originally in, right? I want to go to my father’s hotel, too.” 


“Please come visit sometime.”


“Of course I should.” 


Alex nodded her head. Although she missed her father’s hotel, when she heard that the hotel was in another world, she gave up some of her attachment to it. 


The Samoyed lifted its front paw and scratched my trouser hem.


– Hngg…(I… will you call me often?)


“Yeah. I’ll call you sometimes.”


I vigorously scratched between the ears of the Samoyed.


He seemed to like it this way. I don’t know why. It’s all a lie that they’re spirits and not large dogs, these guys… 


I briefly said hello to the other employees and decided to leave work for the last time with the manager, Toto, and Geumdong.


“So did you get any news about your father?”


The manager, who had been looking very tired for a few days, asked cautiously.


“Yes. There was definitely a result.” 


“That’s very fortunate.” 


The manager spoke in a voice that lingered, and her steps on the foggy path through the pine trees were slowly slowed down.


“I…then…There was something I wanted to tell you from last time.” 


“Ah, if it’s an additional allowance, we’ll certainly provide it. I’ve already noted it on the calendar. We calculate it not in local time here but based on Earth’s time…”


“Oh, thank you. But that’s not what I want to talk about.”




It was then. 


A revolving door was spinning in the distance to welcome us.


Yeong Chun Hotel


A welcome purple sign.


I was just happy to get off work from the hectic Grey Hotel. I hesitated for a long time until the manager grabbed my hand and said this.


“Boss. You said you could see the status window, right? Can you see my status window?”


Status window?


The status window is only visible to awakened people. Of course, I was about to say that I couldn’t see it, but I was taken aback.


Don’t tell me… 


When I felt a chill go down my spine, I activated my skill.


‘Hotelier’s eyes.’


And at that moment, a window appeared before my eyes.


(Hidden) Kang Miyeon (Hotel Manager) (Awakening Grade: D)


Title: Hotelier of Another World (NEW!)


Skills: Multiplayer (D), Solicitation (S)


Stats: Stamina 20, Strength 22, Agility 19, Intelligence 17, Luck 8


! Note ! By acquiring the title ‘Hotelier of Another World’, you will be given the skill ‘Solicitation’ (S).



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  1. Ahhh I’m torn… Devastated to hear that her dad’s been a slave for up to 15 years (is it a fate better than death…?), but delighted to see Kang Miyeon’s awakening!