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“Then, I’ll do it.”


Lucion spoke in a rather diffident voice.


[How to develop light resistance? Do you have anything in mind?]


Russell listened to Lucion as seriously as before.


Lucion looked at Russell’s expression not once, but twice.


“Are you sure you want to listen?”


[Of course, the Teacher should listen to his disciple.]


“I’ve just become a warlock. I haven’t even dealt with the darkness yet, so…does that sound strange to you?”


Lucion suddenly felt like there was a lump in his throat.


Although they were entangled with each other as a teacher and a disciple, Russell was still a stranger.


Lucion was a person who always hurt others. So, it was so peculiar that he, not even his family, looked at him directly and took him seriously.


[You are my disciple. I’ll believe you even if you look at the stones and say to me it’s sand.]


Russell smiled as if assuring him.


[So what did you think of?]


Under Russell’s curious eyes, for a moment, Lucion seemed to understand why he had fallen after losing Russell. 


“I’m eating Ratcho.”


Lucion’s voice was more energized in contrast to his hesitant tone earlier.


[Ratcho…? It’s a flower that always shines at night, right? Is that right?]


“Right, that racho.”


Ratcho was the most common and most beloved flower in the world that worshipped light.


At night, it would miraculously light up itself to dispel the darkness, so it was nicknamed “The God’s Hand”.


[You going to eat that?]


Lucion nodded at Russell’s repeated question.


“That’s right.”


Lucion knew that if others heard him, they would point a finger right away.


Ratcho was the representative flower of light and was also the national flower of the Tesla Empire.


And to eat those flowers…


Russell quietly rolled his eyes.


Silence enveloped them as Lucion waited for Russel’s words, swallowing a dry spit.


The final boss in the novel did it, but it was impossible for him to do it. Because the final boss and he were different people.


[That’s groundbreaking.]


Russell soon put on a smile.


[Yes, Ratcho is definitely worth it. Why didn’t I think of this?]


Lucion was rendered speechless at Russell’s words.


[Ratcho is a flower that goes against the natural facts of nature, where the night disappears and the morning appears, right? There’s no flower as kind to darkness as this flower. Okay! Yeah, this is it, this is it!]


Russell looked at him proudly, looking like he wanted to hug Lucion tightly at any moment.


[Also… I’m so proud of my magnanimous heart for choosing you and my eyes for recognizing your talent despite how you acted before. ]


“Shouldn’t you be proud of me by this time already?”


[That’s given, of course.]


“Well, good. It doesn’t matter if it’s worth trying.”


Only then did Lucion exhale and was freed from his nervousness.


If Russell had affirmed that it was a futile story, things would have gone wrong.


[Right. Good job. That was a very good idea.]


Russell tapped Lucion on the shoulder.


[But are you gonna be okay?]


“What do you mean?”


[It would hurt.]


“…does it really hurt?”


Lucion frowned slightly.


Who would like to be sick?


[Of course, no matter how friendly Ratcho is to the dark, it always shines. Light is a poison to people like us. A poison.]


Russell immediately pointed to the hood that Lucion was holding.


[See, I came into the room to get a hood because I wasn’t happy with the sun right now.]


Lucion twisted his tight lips slightly.


“Shouldn’t I still try?”


[It’s poison that you’re saying you’re going to drink.]


“You said it was groundbreaking a little while ago, so why are you suddenly stopping me?”


Lucion said while wearing the hoodie familiarly.


[If you look at the method, it is. You said you’re going to eat poison, but as your teacher, of course, I have to stop it.]




Lucion waited for Russell to finish before he opened his mouth quietly.


[‘What the hell does the word teacher mean?’


When Lucion asked not to stop him, Russell sighed as he scratched his hair in frustration.


[Okay but once you feel a pain enough to make you roll on the ground, you have to quit.]


“Thank you.”


Lucion bowed his head and left the room.




Russell was still very unfamiliar with the sudden change of his disciple.


[‘Come to think of it, he hasn’t broken anything in the past few days, let alone being annoyed.’]


What a big change of heart.


Russell was very curious about that.


* * *




Lucion stroked the white horse and smiled softly.


“You’ve been waiting too long, haven’t you?””




The horse wagged its tail, welcoming Lucion.


[…Is that right?]


Russell asked, unable to perceive what he was seeing now.


“Yes, I mean…Ah. Teacher must have never seen it.”


He couldn’t even remember how many months ago Lucion last rode a horse.


[That’s weird.]


Russell tilted his head.


“What’s wrong, Teacher?”


[There’s no way an animal would like a man blessed with darkness.]


“I wondered why the dog barked so much when I came, turns out it wasn’t because of the ghost.”


Lucion stroked the white horse he named Shandra.


[It’s a freak. It’s a freak.]


Russell looked at the horse and gave Lucion a sideways glance.






“It’s odd.”


[Were you able to see that? I don’t have to do eye training separately, do I?]


“I’ll take it as a compliment.”


Lucion dragged Shandra to the front gate of the mansion.


“Young master, where are you going?”


When he saw Lucion among the knights who were leaving the front door, he asked urgently.




Even with Lucion’s brief words, the door didn’t open.


‘As expected, There’s still a long way off.’


Lucion exhaled lightly.


Although he didn’t want it, Lucion himself was close to being a troublemaker in this family.


It didn’t seem like he could completely change Novio’s heart just because he had changed in the last few days.


The knights watched Lucion carefully, tensed with his sigh.


[You should bear it here. You said you’d change.]


Russell also looked at Lucion’s expression.


‘Yes, there’s always an accident when I come back from outside, so it’s understandable to block my face like this.’


Lucion spoke in his mind calmly.


If you think rationally, it was nothing to be annoyed about. It only meant the knights do their part faithfully.


“I’m going to the city.”


The knights sighed heavily, even though it was a pretty plain answer.


[He looks like he’s over the hump.]


Russell giggled.


“What can we tell the Lord?”


Soon, a knight spoke respectfully.


“I’ll be back from the city for a while, so just tell him not to worry.”


“All right. I will tell the Lord as it is. Then, about the escort….”


“I don’t need an escort, I am trying to get some fresh air.”


At Lucion’s firm words, the knights flinched as if they were starting a race.


How nervous they were, Lucion could see that they were sweating.


They looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.


“Is that so? Well, have a safe trip.”


The door, which always looked heavy and lumbering, opened very easily.


Lucion looked at the door for a moment.


The door was like a gate that was scary because it looked like it was a way that would open up to a completely different world.


He once thought he would never be able to get out the door forever.


Lucion followed the wind and looked at the petals coming in from outside the door.


‘It’s not another world.’


Lucion climbed onto Shandra and pulled its reins carefully.


At that moment, a red thread appeared.


The red thread that connects the ground and Shadra’s legs.


This time it wasn’t connected to anyone.


‘…Does it mean fate that turns into my own choice, not fate that is intertwined with others?’


The clear sky suddenly became cloudy.


It was as if it was telling him that  he mustn’t go through that door.


‘It’s funny.’


Lucion snorted for a moment.




He passed through the door.




Lucion smiled briefly at the sight of the red thread being cut off.


‘It’s not as big as I thought.’


Soon, he drove Shandra vigorously.




The wind blew past Lucion’s cheeks along with the sound of Shandra crying happily.


* * *




The pen Novio held rolled down the desk and fell off.




The sound was too loud.




The knight, who came to report, swallowed dry saliva without realizing it.


As the atmosphere tensed, even the slightest sound would be loud.


“Again, say it again.”


Novio spoke with his hands clasped hard.


The knight opened his mouth two beats late.


“…The young master went to the city to get some fresh air. He said he didn’t need an escort.”




Novio swiftly hit the desk hard in anger.




The knight closed his eyes tightly as the desk snapped and split in half.


“Lucion has many enemies.”


Novio glared at the knight.


The fact that Lucion was a madman who followed him like a tag and the word “tongue cub” was not just a word.


In addition to the banquet, many people hated Lucion, who did not even know the courtesy of the aristocracy because he had caused a lot of accidents.


The problem wasn’t them, it was the surrounding enemies.


Due to the nature of the family that protects the border, one weakness could lead to the country’s downfall.


“Didn’t you know that the enemy is always after Lucion?”


The biggest weakness of the Cronia family was Lucion- the only ordinary person in the family.


“As a protector of the Cronia family, do you really not know that?”


The tip of the knight’s hand trembled at the heavy and rough momentum of Novio.


“Oh, I knew it! I’m so sorry!”


“So, what did you do?”


“I couldn’t make a proper judgment….”


“Go follow Lucion right now!”


Novio threatened as his voice reverberated.


“Yes! I’m going to move right now.”


The knight bowed down and quickly left the room.




Novio swept down his face.


‘If I could, I wanted to go outside myself and chase Lucion’.


But his body carried a huge meaning and responsibility.


As a person who protects the border of the country, he had to be careful to know what kind of ending a rumor would bring.


Novio was anxious about the fact that Lucion had gone outside on his own.


* * *




Lucion stopped as he caught sight of the city that was just near the Cronia mansion.


Every time he rode the carriage, and since it was covered with curtains, he had never seen outside so closely.


‘It’s a city.’


Lucion was once again mesmerized.


It felt like a movie set. If only he had a smartphone, he would have captured it right away.




Russell whispered.




[Can you come out like this without an escort?]


“Even if I say no, the escort will come soon, and I have Teacher with me.”


Lucion looked at Russell with confidence.


Ordinary ghosts couldn’t touch people and Russell was not an exemption to this.


“I’m looking forward to seeing you use my darkness under our contract.”


[I signed a contract to educate you. It’s not for protection.]


Russell patted his chin.


Russell and Lucion bound a month ago.


Lucion signed a mutual agreement on the condition that he ceded a 20% stake in his body to Russell, and Russell would work hard to teach Lucion black magic.


This was Russell’s own black magic, and even though he was a ghost, he was still able to move Lucion’s body as much as he was transferred.


However, the transferred shares did not exceed half, and, of course, Lucion’s permission was required.


[Oh, then you can learn one now.]


“Right here?”

Lucion gave a bewildering look and alternated between the forest and Russell on both sides.


Sadly, he wasn’t a genius.


[Don’t worry because I was not called a genius for no reason.]


Russell pointed out to himself, oozing with confidence.


Lucion made a frown without realizing it.


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